The title of an illustration is "a lieutenant general princess, spinning thread of  lotus."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Second volume/ 3

It is a talk of the princess of Mr. Yokohagi grown-up by the continuation of Sutra-of-Avalokitesvara Kazukuni picture collection / second volume / 2.
The title of an illustration is “a lieutenant general princess, spinning thread of lotus.”

The situation of resulting in an illustration etc. are translated freely roughly.

When the princess is 7 years old, other children are seen presume upon a mother, and if you want a mother, it will say to Toyonari, a father, and will urge second marriage.
Toyonari marries the daughter of 橘諸房 (Tachibana Morofusa) as the second wife.
A lieutenant general princess is glad and a stepmother also loves like a real child.
However, a princess becomes beautiful and a stepmother comes to be jealous of her as it grows up.
A stepmother tries every means to entrap the princess.
At a certain time, in order that Toyonari may go to the Grand Shrine at Ise by a royal command, he stays away from a house.
A stepmother orders inviting this samurai called Kawakuma as being happy, and taking a lieutenant general princess’s life.
Although a princess notices a stepmother a plot, if those who are whose mothers even for a time cannot be said bad, she will be taken silently.
However, Kawakuma missed the princess on the way and returned only the basket.
When Toyonari returned, he got to know the daughter’s absence, and made it search using people, but he is not found. ”

“And for two years, although Kawakuma continued sheltering a princess, it fell on the illness.
A princess becomes a nun in a Wasyu Toma temple.
Practice was not neglected, but if help of the Kannon was obtained finally, the mandala of the nest was finished weaving, and it left the Buddhistic miracle for future generations.
And it passes away in the youth of 29 years old on April 14,Houki(Julian-calendar 775 years) 6.
If this prays to the Goddess of Mercy, it will serve as a proof that a wonderful child is born.”

観音経和訓図会/中巻/2の続きで、成長した横萩氏の姫君のお話です。挿絵のタイトルは「中将姫 蓮の糸をとる」です。




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