The title of an illustration is "a profit of the Kannon of Kutsuki."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Second volume/ 4

It is an illustration about the comment of the part of “佛言若復有人受持観世音菩薩名号乃至一時禮拝供養是二人福正等無異於百千萬億劫不可窮盡(Butugon-nyakubunin-jyukanzeonboastumyougou-naisitijireihaikuyou-zenininnpukusyoumui-okuhyakusennmannokou-kfukajguujin)”.
It divided into two on the problem of the layout.
This is a right half.
The title of an illustration is “a profit of the Kannon of Kutsuki.”

Although the following becomes the free translation of an illustration portion, they are contents also containing the picture of a left half.

“The solitary and poor woman was in Bansyu Miki a long time ago.
Parents are the daughters left behind since it died, make some fields and are living.
The Buddha statue of Kutsuki is gathered in a wheat field at a certain time.
Although the kind of Buddha was not found, he thought that it was wasteful, and it brought home and offered on the house.
When the Buddha statue was equipped with the meal and having been worshipped every day, the crops of the field grew thick well. ”

“The illness was prevalent exactly at the time.
This woman will also be taken the illness and will die of an illness finally.
A neighboring person tries to pity and condole and an evening called burial will come still more tomorrow.
The dead person was protected and Akira’s woman who must have died but at dawn uttered voice for night as “thank you” the night.
He is wholly surprised and it looks after a woman in a hurry. ”

“In order for the woman who revived to say, when it dies of an illness, it is said that he was walking along the dark way with feeling like a dream.
Then, two fearful demons both appear that it is in straitened circumstances.
In order for a demon to say, since female parents committed many crimes, they are still troubled by hell.
You who are a daughter also take to hell by parents’ crime. ”

“Just before being pushed in in straitened circumstances, there is nothing from anywhere and one person’s priest appeared.
A valuable atmosphere is related although the shoulder-worn ornamental robe was torn.
It heralds toward a demon.
It is if female fate is not exhausted, make it help me.
After demons build inquiry to their king, they open a woman wide, and return and go. ”

“The woman was sent into the priest in the house.
If a woman asks, he will be the Kannon and a priest will say that the Buddha statue in which the wheat field decayed is itself.
Since a memorial service was held for the Buddha statue every day and it was worshipped, it rescued from hell.
Return to the world early, perform a memorial service for parents, and save from pain in hell.
And it is spread Buddhist teachings to many people. ”

“at this time, the woman said “thank you.”
The woman was pleased with having shed tears and having revived.”









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