Foreign people are drawn on right and left

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 26

Foreign people are drawn on right and left.
In addition, since the text of those days is only translated to the last, any other intention is not by the contents.

The illustration of those who ride on an elephant is drawn on the right.
It is written to the text as follows.
” 占城 (Sensei) calls it “Chyanhan”
Many big images are in the country near Annam (Annam: name of a place of Vietnam).
using an alligator for a public matter (Kuji: a ceremony, political affairs, and official business) ,”Hiribunmyou” (it is clear that it is wrong.)
it is said that the crime was committed — if a meaning becomes, let it see an alligator — there is a crime — if it becomes, it will be said that an alligator is made to eat. ”

Annam, 暹羅 (Senra or Shyamuro: the old name of Thailand), and 東番 (Touban or Takasago) are drawn on the left.
Annam is the name of a place of Vietnam, and it is written as follows in the text.
“Annam is also called 交趾 (Kouti) and 東京(Tonkin).
A man likes theft and a woman likes sexual.
Marriage is not carried out although a woman is married.
Saigon cinnamon is high quality at a specialty. “

Then, although confidence is not one of translations, about Senra, it is written as follows.
“Senra is a country and there are many small beaches.
A man cooks hot water only with alcohol.
It is also called 甘波邪 (Cambodia).
Dyeing of this country is imitated and it is called “Shyamuro” in Japan. ”

The last is about the east watch.
The east watch is present Taiwan.
In the text, it is written as follows.
The east watch is also called “Takasago” and “Taiwan country.”
The shrimp near Annam is delicious (?). Although it seems that a part of” last is writing the relation with Tang, it cannot read the portion of a variant form of a kana letter, and relationship does not understand it.






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