The doctor, the fortune-teller, and the cook are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 6

The doctor and the fortune-teller are drawn on the right.
It is said that a character is used for “酉” excluding “さんずい” from “alcohol” since medicine is made from alcohol in order that “醫 (I)” may change the illness to the text.
It is said that there was also a distinguished family of the doctor named “和気(Wake)” and “丹気 (Tanke).”
It is said that “卜 (Boku)” is a fortune-teller and calls it “卜巫 (Bokufu).”
It seems that “卜” puts the thing approaching a partner’s heart.
There is also a method of “卜灼 (Bokusyaku)” which burns and divines the shell of a tortoise.
With the picture, the doctor who packs medicine is drawn on the back and the fortune-teller is drawn to the front.

The cook is drawn on the left.
it is called “膳夫 (Zenfu: or “Kashiwade”), and it is written that it is a “cook.”
It is said that it does not understand for details since there are many characters which cannot be read, but it is also called “kitchen knife people” for a certain reason.
With the picture, the figure of the cook which is gutting the fish on the big cutting board is drawn.
If it often sees, the left hand is prevented from touching a fish directly with chopsticks, and can grasp an interesting situation.
A dress has an image like a uniform and may be the same intention as Occidental tap dress.



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