write the phrase of the Sutra of Avalokitesvara and   慈童(Jidou) obtains a long life.

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Lower volume/ 8

“It is an illustration about description of the portion “具一切功徳慈眼視衆生福聚海無量是故応頂礼(Guittsaikudoku-jigenjisyujyou–fukufyukaimuryou-zekooutyourai).”
The title of an illustration is “write the phrase of the Sutra of Avalokitesvara and 慈童(Jidou) obtains a long life.”
The following is the free translation of an illustration portion.

“those who is called Jidou were in the time of 穆王 (Bakuou) which is a circumferential king a long time ago.
A king’s pillow will be straddled by mistake.
The person around a king will discuss and it will judge the crime to be a death penalty.
Since Bakuou was loving Jidou, the thought death penalty was stopped piteously.
and it decided for Nanyo Prefecture to 徹縣山(Tettkeizan), to obtain and to expel to a distant place. ”

“in the separation case, Bakuou teaches “慈眼視衆生福聚海無量” which is one suitable sentence out of 普門品(Fumonbon) received from the Buddha to Jidou.
Jidou keeps this phrase in a breast carefully, and leaves it. ”

“It was very sweet, when the received phrase was written to the leaf of a chrysanthemum a trip and the dew of the leaf was drunk.
It did not become hungry even if it did not eat rice etc.
And it was alive, even if it became a 彭祖仙人(Houso-sennin) at last and exceeded 700 years old.
The drop of the leaf of a chrysanthemum which described the phrase dripped to the river, and downstream people acquired the life exceeding 100 years old.
Houso-sennin is called 菊慈童(Kikujidou) in the world. ”

“This historical fact is called oral communication of the Kikusui prolongation of life.
It is a wonderful example expressing the miracle of the Sutra of Avalokitesvara. ”

The figure which will be useful 700 years or more and is useful in a still more youthful figure is drawn on the illustration.
Probably, the flower of a chrysanthemum is drawn on the circumference.
As a historical fact which tells the power of the Kannon, it is an effective tale.

「具一切功徳慈眼視衆生福聚海無量是故応頂礼」という部分の解説に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「観音経の妙句を書きて 慈童長寿を得る」です。以下が、挿絵部分の意訳です。






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