The craftsman and picture framer of an inkstone or silverwork are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 13

The craftsman who makes a comb, an inkstone, and a ball, and the craftsman of silverwork are drawn on the right.
It seems that “koutei makes an inkstone from a ball and an inkstone is called Bokuchi” is written about “the inkstone (inkstone)” although it cannot read well.
However, I think that it is a reading mistake since a meaning does not pass.
“銀匠 (Ginsyou)” is a craftsman who builds silver work, and makes decoration 目貫 (Menuki: nail which fixes a blade and a handle) and the needle of a sword.
“玉人 (gyokujin)” is craftsmen who polish a ball.
It is said that the ball originating in the sea is called “珠(Jyu)” although the portion of “玉 (Gyoku)” cannot be read.
although it seems that what “only the averages are things if compelled” used was called “爪櫛 (Tumagusi)” of “楊津 (Yuzu)”, or it had withered in the place of “the comb”, the anecdote about 楊津 was not found.

The hat craftsman and the mounting craftsman are drawn on the left.
“烏帽子折(Ebosiori)” in Muromachi of Kyoto, the high person of grade putting on formal headgear for court nobles, and “立烏帽子 (Tate-ebosi)”, as three articles were suited, It is said that there are kinds, such as “風折 (Kazeori)”, “梨折 (Nasiori)”, “左折 (Hidariori)”, “右折 (Migiori)”, “小結 (Koyui)”, and “荒目 (Arame).”
“褙匠(Heisyou)” is a picture framer who says in now.
It is said that it is also called “表補 (Hyouho)” and “表褙 (Hyouhei)”, and a “cover” is the same.



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