The title of an illustration is "a figure of a line go river."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 9

It is an illustration about description of “若復有人臨当被害稱觀世音菩薩名者彼所執刀杖尋段段壞而得解脱(nyakubujin-rintouhigai-syoukanzeonmyoujya-hisyosyutoujyoudandanne-nitokugedatu)” It becomes the second(Kannonkyouwakunzue/First volume/8) half of the portion divided into two on account of a layout.The title of an illustration is “a figure of a line go river.”

The outline of the first half is as follows.
“The head became that Nichiren who slandered the Hojo scheduled time is likely to have cut in Tatsunokuchi.
However, even if the Execution person swung down the sword, it not only being unable to cut but the sword broke into three, and when the observer was a divine protection of the Buddha, there was.” next becomes a portion of an illustration.
Then, I translate.

“This mysterious situation was told to Kamakura, the sentence that Saint Nichiren’s life should have been helped was written, and it sent to Kamakura with the horse of speed.
It seemed that heavens are angry about Nichiren’s execution exactly since it was the weather unusual in Kamakura at the time.
Then, the diploma of rescuing Nichiren’s life also from Kamakura was made to send with an horse of speed.
Then, it was able to meet on the river which has both messengers in a trip (from this anecdote, it came to call this river a geisha restaurant river).
The sentence which we send to you mutually was exchanged, and it returned.
As a result, at last, Nichiren’s life will be saved and will spread the Lotus Sutra in the world. ”

“In fact, they were a historical fact of 陸暉 (Rittki) of Kure, and an occurrence of the same day.
The power of the Kannon is a proof of not changing even if it is a country which makes a mistake in calling it Japan and China. ”

It was a thing that the Kannon prepared all and helped Nichiren’s life.
With the illustration, the scene where the messenger from Kamakura and the messenger from an execution ground met is drawn on Kawa’s opposite shore.
Though regrettable, a messenger on the opposite shore is too small, and since the pattern is contained in the horse, the front messenger cannot call it a beautiful material.
Probably, its usage made expressional reference will be good since expression of a river is attractive.

「若復有人臨当被害稱觀世音菩薩名者彼所執刀杖尋段段壞而得解脱」の解説に関する挿絵です。レイアウトの都合上、二つに分けている部分の後半となります。挿絵のタイトルは「行合 川の図」です。





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