A head becomes that Morihisa Taira is likely to have cut.

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Lower volume/ 5

It is one of the sheets divided into two on account of the layout, and is an illustration of a left half.
the direction which looks at a comment and right half of an illustration Kannonkyouwakunzue / lower volume / 4 pleasing .

In addition, the scene by which it is executed in Morihisa Taira is drawn.
Eventually, a life is saved by the power of Kanzeonbosatu.

Expression of an illustration is very precise.
The patterns of a haori or armor are drawn one by one, and the wave which serves as a backdrop is also firmly drawn by the line.
When forming vector data, it is a part which becomes a neck, and it was not made to vector data not much finely this time also, either.
However, the whole feeling understands.
I think that it is not a level which cannot be used as a material.




Only monochrome jpg and ai vector data.

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