A female peddler, hunter, and captain are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 19

A female peddler and beggar are drawn on the right.
“販婦 (Hisagime/Hanfu)” is a woman who does business.
It seems many in the capital.
“乞兒 (Hokai)” means “乞丐人 (Kotugainin)”, and it also calls it a “beggar.”
Although it was an act for practice in Buddhism, it is not told in a meaning good in Japan.
this that time — “a non-person” and “person — it is the outside ” of a non-person, and like withering.
Although each is made into the discriminatory term now, there is value as data, and since it is not its real intention, “there would be nothing” has published.
However, since it judged that there was no meaning used as distribution material, the portion has been deleted.
Please understand the situation.

The fisherman and the captain are drawn on the left.
“漁父 (Gyofu)” is those who catch a fish.
It is said that it is also called a “hunter” although the portions of the origin or relation were not able to be translated.
It is said that “舟子 (FUnako)” was a “captain”, and the ship was floated and manipulated to the sea and it was also called “棹子(Saoko).”
However, in the case of the ship floated on a river, although it seems that it was written as “how that is not carried out” with another Chinese character, it was not able to distinguish.



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