Wu-ti Dharma dialog

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Lower volume/ 2

It is the illustration about description of a very long sutra of “即時觀世音菩薩愍諸四衆及於天龍人非人等受其瓔珞分作二分一分釋迦牟尼仏一分奉多寳佛塔(sokujikanzeonbosatu-minsyosisyuu-gyuuotenryuu-ninpinintou-jyugoyouraku-itibunsyakamunibutu-itibuntahoubuttou).”
The title of an illustration is the “Wu-ti Dharma dialog.”

The following is the free translation of an illustration portion.

“The time of Wu-ti of a beam meeting a Dharma Zen priest a long time ago
Wu-ti says.
He embraced Buddhism and built many temples and towers.
what thing this virtuous deed is ? Dharma answers that a virtuous deed is nothing.
Wu-ti says.
then, this virtuous deed in which a memorial service was made to build and hold for many Buddha statues, it is answered that ? Dharma has no virtuous deed.
Furthermore, Dharma says.
However it may make a temple, Tang, and a Buddha statue, if Wu-ti’s heart has a treat and boast, there is no virtuous deed.
What is necessary is to be proud that it carried out for one to accumulate and just to dedicate Fuse and mass for the dead to the Buddha, if it becomes.
Respect holds a memorial service in three precious articles from the bottom of the heart. ”




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