an illustration is "hearing voice and getting to know the person."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 4

The illustration about description of the portion the “世尊観世音菩薩以何因縁名観世音(seson-kanzeonbosatu-ikainen-myoukanzeon” is drawn.
The title of an illustration is “hearing voice and getting to know the person.”

it is explained in the first half of the talk what the name of the Goddess of Mercy has pointed out.
In it, three, a name, obligation, and the body, are one of things, and it is written that they make the basis.
As an example, it is written about the mandarin orange and is, saying “A mandarin orange is a name, a meaning is a thing sweet like honey, and substance is a kind of mandarin orange tree.”
The contents of this illustration are written as a metaphor different from a mandarin orange.
The following is the free translation of the text.

“By getting to know man’s name, obligation and body can be known automatically.
This is the favor of the Kannon.
The sound of a koto or a hard drum drum can be heard and tomorrow’s fine and cloudy weather of the weather can be known.
It is understood whether it is being lamented whether the person is glad to hear people’s voice.
fine one can be known for whether it is taken the illness.
The person can be known also only by hearing a footstep.
Although this was all the power of the Kannon, the Buddha also respected the virtuous deed of the Kannon and it explained these sutras.
It is deeply concerned with the noted number of the Kannon. ”

When such philosophical talks are discussed by the Edo period and the time before it, it is sometimes often contained in a religious tale.
An old tale is also the same.
It has a favorable impression in comparing very intelligibly and the talk being told like the portion of this illustration, under these circumstances.

As a material, after serving as one scene of the love of the Edo period, an event like Valentine, a birthday, and Christmas with a sweetheart may be suited.
But it is a matter which is almost unrelated to the Edo period.





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