The soldier and farmer who attached armor are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 4

The soldier who attached armor is drawn on the right.
It seems that “兵 (Hei)” also has implications like the general term of arms here.
The “samurai” who always attached armor is “Hei”, and “将 (Shyou)” adjusts “Hei”
Otherwise, “Shyou” is followed by “軍士 (Gunshi/strategist)” and “an army soldier.”
An “army” is a general term for these “rank and file.”

The farmer is drawn on the left.
The meaning was not understood although it was visible like the origin of “? mountain parishioner” of “農(nou)”
“100 cereals” refers to various grain, and it calls people who make this “Nojin (Farmer).”
Although “The Jinno five cereals are planted” is written, it seems that this is based on the anecdote to which it pointed so that the emperor “Jinno” who comes out in Chinese tradition might plant five cereals in people.



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