The title of an illustration is "misfortune of Saint Nichiren Tatsunokuchi."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 8

It is an illustration about description of “若復有人臨当被害稱觀世音菩薩名者彼所執刀杖尋段段壞而得解脱(nyakubujin-rintouhigai-syoukanzeonmyoujya-hisyosyutoujyoudandanne-nitokugedatu)”
It becomes the first half of the portion divided into two on account of a layout. The title of an illustration is “misfortune of Saint Nichiren Tatsunokuchi.”

The method for escaping one in seven misfortune and “the misfortune by distrust” is written. It is also written that 陸暉 (Rittki) of Kure escaped the punishment of decapitation in the first half.
The following is the free translation of an illustration portion.

“Saint Nichiren of our country is Ho who spread the Lotus Sutra widely.
At a certain time, since the Hojo scheduled time was slandered, it will be judged that it is a heretical religion.
Scheduled time was taken in order to execute punishment to Saint Nichiren with 辰口 (Tatunokuti:execution ground which existed in present Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa), and it was sat on the matting of the skin.
He recites the Lotus Sutra absorbedly.
If the Execution person turns back and brandishes a sword, reciting 普門品 (Fumonbon) is continued still more absorbedly.
The Execution person tries to cut off Nichiren’s head with a shout.
At the very time, the sword has broken into three as if it hit the stone.
Although a sword is exchanged and it cuts again, wondering, it has broken into three again.
It thought that an observer was strange and it was said that French punishment would go down it if it is cut, since this is the proof which the bodhisattva is protecting. ”

Subsequent talks follow the next (Kannonkyouwakunzue/First volume/9).

With an illustration, it seems that the sword has broken with the light inserted from heavens.
The expression and behavior of the Execution person Saints are drawn by motion just like one scene of kabuki.

「若復有人臨当被害稱觀世音菩薩名者彼所執刀杖尋段段壞而得解脱」の解説に関する挿絵です。レイアウトの都合上、二つに分けている部分の前半となります。挿絵のタイトルは「日蓮上人 辰の口御難」です。





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