The title of an illustration is "Kagekiyo breaks a prison."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 10

It is an illustration about explanation of “設復有人若有罪若無罪枷械枷鎖検繋其身称観世音菩薩名者皆悉断壊即得解脱(setubuunin-nyakumuzai-tyuukaikasakengeigosin-syoukanzeonbosatu-myousyakaisitudanne-sokutokugedatu).” The title of an illustration is “Kagekiyo breaks a prison.”

It is written about misfortune in which it is caught by avarice which is one of the seven misfortune. In the first half, although description of this sutra is written, the first “設復有人若有罪若無罪” is interesting.
As well as guilt, even if it is innocence, it is written that those with は and both can acquire the divine protection of the Kannon to be tied to a chain.
Probably, far old Japan and situation have not changed, since there is relief by a false charge or the judicial system even now.

Then, the following is the free translation of the portion about an illustration.

The 藤原景清(Fujiwara kagekiyo) which is “Heike’s samurai and was called “bad 7 Hyoe” was.
Even after believing in the Goddess of Mercy of Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto and ruining the Heike family, the body was hidden in the country in Owari.
However, Yoritomo Minamotono who is an enemy hears that the Great Buddha mass for the dead is carried out, and it tries to shoot Heike’s enmity.
It is caught by the private soldier of defense at last it was questioned by Shigetada Hatakeyama, although it was disguised and it was wandering about it and wandering around Todaiji.
After catching, also in Heike, especially, it will turn out that it is brave Kagekiyo, even not only restraint but a chain will be attached, and it will be tied in prison.
“My fortune of war does not plan to blame whom but until now, either.
It presupposed that it is hoped 罪障 (deed which obstructs a peaceful death) disappears”, and prayed for the Goddess of Mercy of Kiyomizu-dera.
Reciting 普門品 (Fumonbon) constantly, after being tied in a prison, the number of times already exceeds 3000 times. ”

“Light shone in and came at a certain night.
When it looks around the outside of a surprise prison, purple clouds of Kagekiyo can be seen.
The Goddess of Mercy stood into it, emitting light.
Kagekiyo prayed with its hands joined and worshipped the hand, calling the name of the Kannon, when it was kind.
Then, he awakes and it gets to know that it was a dream.
Although disappointed with whether it was a dream, it escaped from restraint automatically to the wonderful thing, and the chain was able to loosen and it was able to slip out of it.
Kagekiyo is surprised again, and if this is the divine favor of the Goddess of Mercy, it will strengthen piety more.
It rises and pushes down on the lattice of a prison, applying a hand.
Even if the lattice which must have been made strongly did not put in power, it broke, and it has escaped from it easily.
The Watch sleeps soundly and does not notice.
Nobody was noticed but it escaped from the plight at last. ”

「設復有人若有罪若無罪枷械枷鎖検繋其身称観世音菩薩名者皆悉断壊即得解脱」の説明に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「景清 牢を破る」です。





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