The Buddha, the bodhisattva, and the musical instrument player are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 10

A bodhisattva and the Buddha are drawn on the right.
It is said that “佛 (Butu/Hotoke)” also calls it “Buddha” as a Saint in the direction of west.
佛 reads saying “is not a person”, and it means not being an ordinary man (ordinary human being).
” 薩 (Satu)” was not able to translate a meaning, although the “bodhisattva” was written to be “薩 which invites 菩.”
The Buddha and the bodhisattva who carried the aureole on the back with the picture are drawn, and expression of clouds is an image of Tang.

The player of the musical instrument is drawn on the left.
“comfort accustoms and plays eight sound in the text, and tells a “musician” to it.
The person “伶倫 (reirin)” was near “黄帝 (koutei : monarch on a Chinese tradition)”, and it was called “楽 (gaku).”
Moreover, a “musician” is also called “伶人 (reijin).”
“Gaku” also calls it “wind and stringed instruments”, and “Gaku” of Japan is called “Kagura court dance and music”. It is written as “.
“楽官 (gakukan)” which plays a whistle, and “Reijin” who dance are drawn on the picture.



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