The title of an illustration is "suffering from the illness of Kiyomori ON way   fire."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 6

It is an illustration about explanation of the portion “若有持是觀世音菩薩名者設入大火火不能焼由是菩薩威神力故(nyakuji-zekanzeon-setunyudaika-kafunousyou-yusehosaijinrikiko)”.
The title of an illustration is “suffering from the illness of Kiyomori ON way fire.”
When only a picture is seen, it is a miserable impression, but it is visible also to the picture in which expression is rich and attractive.

Explanation of seven misfortune is written in the first half of the text, and it is written to it that it is protected from misfortune by reciting the name of the Goddess of Mercy.
In addition, seven misfortune refers to “misfortune of fire”, “the misfortune of water”, “the misfortune of a wind”, “the misfortune by distrust”, “the misfortune by avarice”, “misfortune in which it is caught by avarice”, and “the misfortune by keeping avarice in awe.”
Then, the following is the free translation of an illustration portion.

“It is that Taira no Kiyomori suffered from the illness of fire on the account of Genji-and-the-Heike rise and fall.
However, true hellfire burns out of the body, and burns and ruins the body.
It seems to be the punishment which the Buddha which burned and ruined temples, such as Todaiji and Kofukuji, completely gives.
This has a cause in Yoritomo having caused influence in the east country and 義仲(Yoshinaka) having caused influence in northern countries.
Genji of other countries also rises in arms, the fellows who have served for years also ask Heike that a contrary participates in Genji, and Kiyomori is angry.
True hellfire bursts into flames from the body at last, and it becomes that it is likely to be made deviation death. ”

“When Kiyomori was still young, he was poor, and it was reading out, without missing the Lotus Sutra every day according to the instruction of a certain priest.
A promotion is won by the power acquired by the practice, and it comes to govern the half of Japan of the 68 nations under rule at last.
Maintenance of 隠戸 (Ondo: strait in Hiroshima Prefecture) and 築嶋 (Tukisima : harbor in Hyogo Prefecture) of Hyogo are made, the shrine in Miyajima is erected, and various enterprises, such as erection, are undertaken for 仏堂(Butudou) of Koya.
However, the gorgeous life was liked, the heart lived luxuriously and he forgets a warning of the Buddha instantly.
The wrongdoing was piled up and it was finally burned to death by hellfire.
If Kiyomori gets to know the affection of the Kannon by the believer of the Lotus Sutra and is praying the name of the Kannon …
If it is repented and reformed and the Kannon is prayed by the heart, when the conflagration of the wrongdoing burns … Even if the death by its deed was not avoided, it had escaped pain of hellfire.He even forgets to depend for the power of the Kannon and it has died.
However, those who do not forget the name of the Kannon are even if he forgets a bodhisattva’s big mercy for the wrongdoing or worldly desires and it is in the misfortune of fire.
It prays for the Goddess of Mercy to the heart from a thought of confession, and the Kannon saves from a fire according to the voice. ”

「若有持是觀世音菩薩名者設入大火火不能焼由是菩薩威神力故」という部分の説明に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「清盛入道 火の病を患う」です。絵だけ見ると悲惨な印象ですが、表情が豊かで魅力的な絵にも見えます。




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