The giant and the child are drawn on the illustration.

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The giant and the child are drawn on the illustration.
Although there is such existence only by a children’s story now, there is only imagining what is beyond marine in the Edo period.
It must have been a time which seems to be although there is no telling whether to be that the person himself/herself who wrote these contents also believed.

About the giant’s country, the text was not able to be read well.
as a word”明別の人”, “難風小舩”, etc. can be seen.

It seems that the giant put the child on the hand and the child has usually told the human being of size something as an illustration.
The human being with three kinds of height is drawn into this one picture, and it turns out well that contrast was considered and it was made.
The giant looks also like a guard as he is tinged with the sword, but since he would like to emphasize forcibleness simply, it is visible.
The child is coming the dress which was beautiful and became brave, and, probably, wanted to often draw the head on the contrary.
It turns out that the preconceived idea which can use also making the character of the present age was also in such a time.





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