Vector Processing Example – Person

The example of processing of a vector data material.

I introduce the example of processing using the vector material at this site.

Vector data preparation

Vector data (ai file) is opened by Illustrator.
What was chosen this time is a picture of the wave which Hokusai drew.
It is one sheet which has vigor in the rolling wave and is powerful.

The illustration of a wave


It colors by Illustrator, Fierworks, etc.
Although the print is imagined, atmosphere is taken out using gradation and a noise.
Probably, a color will be good to refer to actual ukiyoe.

It is colored the illustration of a wave.

Coloring 2

The vector material of the same wave was used and it carried out in the style of a poster.
Such usage is also possible if the frame of a square is used well.

It is processed in the style of a poster.

A frame is used.

A use place is restricted to the illustration of scenery which has not been independent of a frame like a person.
If it devises, the place which can be used without limit will be found.
Various expressions will be attained, if a frame is used like this time or the circumference is obscured.