An umbrella craftsman, a needle craftsman, the leather craftsman, the broker, the craftsman of making a brush, and the priest are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 14

The umbrella craftsman, the needle craftsman, and the leather craftsman are drawn on the right.
“傘工 (sankou)” is a craftsman who makes an umbrella, a parasol, and a paper lantern.
It seems that “皮匠 (Hisyou)” was wholesaled to “the tabi shop” etc.
He is a craftsman who is also called “切付屋 (Kiritukeya)” and who makes leather work.
It is said that “針磨 (Harisuri)” was a noted product of Anekouji of Kyoto for the needle craftsman.
It seems that it existed in three-article Teramachi mostly behind.
The part of the second half was not able to be read.

The broker, the craftsman of making a brush, and the priest are drawn on the left.
“牙婆 (Hisui)” is a broker and is those who take the commission of various dealings.
“筆工 (Hiikou)” is a craftsman who also calls it “筆結 (Fudeyui)”, and makes a brush.
it is said that the person of “蒙恬 (Mouten)” of Tang began to make a brush
it is said that “薦僧 (Komosou)” is “a mendicant Zen priest with a flute “, and is called “梵論 (Boro)” and “梵論字 (Boronji)”
A mendicant Zen priest with a flute does not shave the hair, but only a half is a priest.
A shakuhachi is blown and it asks a thing.



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