The title of an illustration is fearing the cannibalism Syokujinki and Syousituki and Kannon.

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 7

It is an illustration about “假使黒風吹其船舫飄墮羅刹鬼国(kesikokufuu-suigosenbou-hyoudarasetukikoku)” and description of “其中若有乃至一人称観世音菩薩名者是諸人等皆得解脱羅刹之難以是因縁名観世音(gotyunyakuu-naisitinin-syoukanzeonbosatumyoujya-zesyouhintou-kaitokugedatu-rasetusinan-izeinnen-myoukanzeon).”
The title of an illustration is “fearing the cannibalism 食人鬼(Syokujinki) 捷疾鬼(Syousituki) Kannon.”
It is an interesting picture which can hear about the relation between the Kannon and an evil spirit.

First of all, it is from “”假使黒風吹其船舫飄墮羅刹鬼国.”
It seems that the portion of an illustration is equivalent to the portion of “羅刹鬼国.”
Then, the following serves as free translation of the text.

“The country in which a demon lives with 羅刹鬼国
A demon requires two sorts.
One is Rasetu.
This demon is called cannibalism demon.
He is a demon who eats people’s dead body.
The second is a Yashya.
This demon is called Syousituki.
He is a demon who eats people’s animation and makes it die.
A demon and the country which lives in Rasetu are located at the end of Sekai out of the sea. ”

Next is “其中若有乃至一人称観世音菩薩名者是諸人等皆得解脱羅刹之難以是因縁名観世音”.

“其中若有乃至一人 means it as one someone in it.
A 称観世音菩薩名者 means it as if someone reads the name of the Goddess of Mercy.
是諸人等皆得解脱羅刹之難 means people as the ability to escape from Rasetu’s fear.
是因縁名観世音 means having had this connection and having been named the Goddess of Mercy.”

“The meaning of this stage is as follows.
Suppose that people came out to the sea by ship all together in quest of gold and silver treasures, were involved in the storm, and arrived in Rasetu’s country.
If the name of the Goddess of Mercy is able to be recited also by one someone in a ship, all the members can escape from Rasetu’s country.
From this reason, it is called the Goddess of Mercy.
Buddhism is a wonderful precious article.
If the person of a world asks for treasure.
It is attacked by worldly desires and is in the verge of death.
All the wrongdoings are made to perform and it falls to hell.
This was compared to Rasetu’s country.
If the Emperor’s Signature front of the Goddess of Mercy is stood by any cases, it will be complied, helped therefore called the Goddess of Mercy to the voice. ”

「假使黒風吹其船舫飄墮羅刹鬼国」と「其中若有乃至一人称観世音菩薩名者是諸人等皆得解脱羅刹之難以是因縁名観世音」の解説に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「食人鬼 捷疾鬼 観音を恐れる」です。観音と物の怪が描かれた、興味深い絵です。






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