The title of an illustration is "praying the Yoshitaka Ouchi   Kannon and escaping a storm."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 5

It is an illustration about the description about the portion “観世音菩薩即時観其音声皆得解脱(kanzeonbosatu-sokuji-kangoonjyou-kaitokugedatu)”
The title of an illustration is “praying the Yoshitaka Ouchi Kannon and escaping a storm.”

The relation about the voice of the Kannon and deliverance is written in the first half of description.
Although the explanation about the matter of “deliverance” is written and it is very interesting, since it becomes fairly long only by description of an illustration, it excludes.
Then, the following is the free translation of an illustration portion.

“It is a reason to 陰徳太平記 (Intoku-taiheiki).
vassal of Yoshitaka Ouchi who will be a feudal lord of Suo in astronomical August, 2 陶全姜 (Sue-zenkyou) causes rebellion the mansion of Yoshitaka who is you was attacked.
There were the court noble and retainer who avoided the Tokyo conflict and were staying at the Ochi house.
二乗尹房 (Nijyou-tadafusa), the son’s 良豊(Yositoyo), 三条公頼 (Sanjyou-Kinyori), and the vassals of those
taking them along, Takayoshi came out of the mansion, rode on 舩, and aimed at Nagato.
It will be attacked by the storm on the intermediate sea.
In the ship, it is likely to shake violently greatly up and down, is likely to sink at any moment, and did not carry out the useful feeling, either.
Tadafusa had been believing in the Kannon of Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto for some time, and was reading out 普門品 (Fumonbon), without missing every morning and evening.
Also at this time, Fumonbon was recited hard.
When the sentence of “或漂流巨海龍魚諸鬼難念彼観音力波浪不能没(Waku-hyouryu-koka-ryugyo-syokinan-nenbi-kannonriki-harou-funoumotu” was read, in a little between, the wind became weaker, and the wave became quiet.
People in a ship escaped the crisis and have arrived to Nagato safely.
If even the situation where this thing is the severest recites the name of the Goddess of Mercy absorbedly, the bodhisattva shows giving help in response to that voice.
Therefore, there is no doubt in the voice of the Kannon leading to deliverance. ”

「観世音菩薩即時観其音声皆得解脱」という部分についての解説に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「大内義隆 観音を念じて難風を免れる」です。


「陰徳太平記(いんとくたいへいき)に曰く。天文二年八月に、周防国(すおうのくに)の領主である大内義隆の家臣 陶全姜(すえぜんきょう)が謀反を起こし、主君である義隆の館を攻めた。折り悪く、都の争乱を避けて大内家に身を寄せていた公卿の二条尹房(にじょうただふさ)やその息子の良豊(よしとよ)や三条公頼(さんじょうきんより)とその家臣達を引き連れて、隆義は館を出て舩に乗り長門国(ながとのくに)を目指した。その途中の海上で暴風に襲われてしまう。逆巻く波は山のようで、帆柱は折れて散り散りになり舩も転覆しかける。舩の中では上下に大きく激しく揺れて、今にも海の藻屑になりそうであり、生きた心地もしなかった。尹房は以前から京都の清水寺の観音を信仰していて、朝夕欠かさずに普門品(ふもんぼん)を読み上げていた。この時も一心に声高く普門品を唱えた。「或漂流巨海龍魚諸鬼難念彼観音力波浪不能没」の文を読んだ時に、少しの間が風が弱まり波が静かになった。舩の中の人々は危機を免れ、無事に長門国へと到着できた。この事は、どれほど酷い状況でも観世音の名を一心に唱えれば、菩薩はその声に応えて助けの手を差し伸べてくれることを示している。だからこそ、観音の声が解脱に導くことに疑いはない。」

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