The ceramist, the cast craftsman, the demon, and the hermit are drawn.

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The ceramist and the cast craftsman are drawn on the right.
“陶家 (Touke)” points out those who make a teacup, a bowl, a plate, etc. from the ground.
It is said that it is also called “陶治 (Touya).”
Since the word “舜河濱” can be seen, it is connected with the historical fact indicated to that of Historical Memoirs of China “the china which Syun made from Kahin is not distorted”, and it seems that the wonderfulness of an arm is written.
It seems that he is probably a cast craftsman since “冶 (Ya)” is also called “鋳匠 (Chyusyou)” and “爐匠 (Rosyou).”
It is said that it originates in “Tang (Indian millet)” by those who make a pan, an iron pot, a hibachi, and other metal fittings.

The demon and the hermit are drawn on the left.
It is said that meat and a bone will return the thing of a “demon” to the ground if people die from the text in “demon, blood returns to water, and a soul is “the thing which took shape by using gloomy” as a core” which returned and remained in heavens.
Since it flies and “sky is moved to a mountain from a mountain in the text, the thing of “仙 (Sen)” is called hermit.
More hermits are in Tang. It seems that it has started as “.
With a picture, the demon in whom the angle grew is drawn and it can be said that it is close to the present demon’s image, the nail of the fingertip being sharp or being a mouth like a beast.
Hermits look like an image like China is strong and the cool man instead of the old man filled with advanced age on a dignity.



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