The title of an illustration is "studying military tactics to a large tengu called a Soujyoubou in eighth son   Ushiwakamaru   Kurama-yama of Minamoto-no-yositomo.

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Second volume/ 7

It is an illustration about description of the portion of “應以毘沙門身得度者即現毘沙門身而為説法(Ouibisyamonsintokudosya-sokubisyamonsinniisettpou).”
The title of an illustration is “studying military tactics to a large tengu called 僧正坊(Soujyoubou) in eighth son Ushiwakamaru Kurama-yama of 源義朝(Minamoto-no-yositomo.”

In Japan, it is famous Ushiwakamaru’s talk.
The tengu of Kurama-yama is also famous.
Then, the following is the free translation of an illustration portion.

“Ushiwakamaru, the whole family of a source, was confined in Kurama-dera, and offered the prayer to the god of warriors.
When it prays for Genji’s revival, there is a divine message, and military tactics were given from those who are not persons.
Then, it is based on Ten Tamon’s power that all Heike was able to be ruined in the west sea.
There is many divine favor of Tamonten.”

This sutra means that the Goddess of Mercy changes and preaches a figure to 毘沙門(Bisyamon).
The god of warriors is explained as follows.

“The Bisyamonten is one person of the big four.
It is also called Tamonten.
Otherwise, the big four have impudence heavens, the guardian of the western sky, and Jikokuten.
Ten Tamon has a duty which protects Buddhism and he carries arms in the hand.
moreover, it offers and has 舎利塔 (Syatouri) in one hand.
The capital in which it lives is called 吐戸羅摩那城 (Beisiramanajyou), and polished rice falls from empty every day.
For this reason, Ten Tamon is also the god of the paddies. ”

Although a tengu’s depiction is delicate, there is presence very much.

「應以毘沙門身得度者即現毘沙門身而為説法」という部分の解説に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「源義朝の八男 牛若丸 鞍馬山にて僧正坊という大天狗に兵法を学ぶ図」です。






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