virtuous deed   Morihisa of the Kannon is saved in difficulty

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Lower volume/ 4

It is an illustration about description of the portion “或遭王難苦臨刑欲寿終念彼観音力刀尋段段壊(wakusouounanku-ringyouyokujyusyuu-nenpikannonriki-toujinndanndanne).”
It is a right half of on the convenience of a layout, and the inside divided into two.
The continuation of a picture should look at Kannonkyouwakunzue / lower volume / 5.

The title of an illustration is “virtuous deed Morihisa of the Kannon is saved in difficulty.”The following is the comment of an illustration part.

“Morihisa Taira who is Heike’s samurai has believed in the Kanzeon for years.
普門品 (Fumonbon) was recited every day and it did not neglect for one day.
After Heike is ruined, the Morihisa is arrested by Genji and becomes that a head is likely to be hit.
Then, though seat carried out on matting, the Goddess of Mercy was prayed absorbedly.
Even if it would die from the world with a sword even if, in the next world, sutra recitation was continued in the mouth as advance to the way to a paradise.
Just before the sword of the executioner is brandished and Morihisa’s head is cut off.
A golden light shone only for a moment.
Although he is surprised with whether it is what, the executioner tries to cut off a head again.
Then, light shone similarly and the hand with a sword has been numbed. ”

“This is reported to the role of inspection, and although it tries to change and cut people, light continues shining and going wrong.
The role of inspection it was thought that was strange still more questions Morihisa whether to have a Buddha statue etc.
Morihisa answers.
It does not have such elegance etc.
However, Fumonbon was only read out. ”

“The role of inspection thought that it was the result of the divine protection of the Goddess of Mercy, postponed execution, and looked for judgment to Kamakura.
Since Yoritomo Minamotono believed in the Lotus Sutra deeply from the first, he believed the divine protection of the Buddha.
Then, Morihisa’s death penalty will be allowed at last and a life will be helped. ”


挿絵のタイトルは「観音の功徳 盛久が難を救われる」です。以下が挿絵部分の解説です。




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