The actor, the dyer, and the sericulturist are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 11

The actor is drawn on the right.
An actor performs a folk arts and crafts and is written to be a Noh comedian or the like.
Although there are many portions which cannot be read, there being a portion different from sarugaku and the word “Susano no Mikoto” are also visible.
It seems that the actor who was wearing the field is dancing the fan in the hand with the picture.

The woman whom a silkworm takes care of with a dyed-goods craftsman is drawn on the left.
It seems that a “dyer” also calls it “Somedono”
“蠶婦 (sanfu)” is a woman who keeps “蠶 (kaiko: silkworm)”, and takes thread.
It seems that “Cotton (floss silk) is used and parents are supported” is written although the second half of the text cannot be read well.
With the picture, the woman who wore the kimono dyes cloth and the woman who takes care of a silkworm horizontally is drawn.



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