The figure of the person of foreign countries, such as China and Mongolia, is drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 25

As for the illustration on either side, people and the dress of the foreign country in the time of the Edo period are drawn.
In addition, since the text of those days is only translated to the last, any other intention is not by the contents.

China, Ryukyu, and Korea are drawn with the right illustration.
By a Chinese item, “China is said to the text also as Chinese also with 漢(kagn) and Tang.
Although it was called Akira until now, according to Tatar, it is called size 清(shin) now. It is written as “.
A Korean item “Korea was Three Han States and Mikuni a long time ago.
Although it was called Silla, Kudara, and Koryo, now, it becomes one country and follows Japan. It is written as “.
The item of Ryukyu follows Japan by the name then of the Nakayama country in “Ryukyu, and a male attaches a crown with feathers and decorates a gem.
It is written that a woman uses 雑毛(zatumou) as clothes as hood with 白羅.”
It did not understand whether to have been “白羅.”

天竺(tenjiku), Mongolia, and 粛慎 (shyukusin) are drawn on the left illustration.
The item of Tenjiku “Tenjiku is the place where the Buddha was born and is large 熱国 of a major nation.
聖水 is at home and a wind and a wave stop by the power.
A merchant has water away with the jar of 瑠璃. It seems that it is written as “.
The item of Mongolia “Mongolia invaded Tatar’s kind and Japan, was blown on kamikaze and beaten.
This is called State of Mongolia reverse side. It feels shy in 化 as “, and is.
The item of Shyukusin “Shyukusin also calls it “女直(jyochyoku)””女真(jyoshin)”.
It is that they name “Ahihase(The meaning referred to as swift-running )” since people walk along a way so that it may be long-legged and a bird may fly.”




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