The prostitute, the prostitute, and the captain are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 21

The prostitute and the prostitute are drawn on the right.
The “prostitute” is written to play a musical instrument as “倡優 (Syouyu: an entertainer and a player).”
It seems that in this case, “娼 (Syou)” is a mistake and must write it as “倡 (Syou).”
Moreover, it is also called “倡妓 (Syouko).”
however, it is said that these were called after that “中比白柏子 (*it was not able to read correctly)” by the old thing
This is written to be a “prostitute” and the same kind as “Maiko.”
“蒔絵師 (Makieshi:The craftsman who draws a picture using color lacquer, gold dust, etc.) is it seems that it is of the same kind

The captain of the ferryboat is drawn on the left.
“渉人 (Soujin)” is “渡守 (Watarimori)”, and is the captains of a ferryboat.
A ship is floated on big river and brook and the shore is gone back and forth.
It is said that it was help people by big river especially.



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