Masonry, the plasterer craftsman, and the wrestler are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 15

Masonry and a wall coating craftsman are drawn on the right.
“Masonry” is a craftsman who quarries out a stone and makes a stone wall, a stone lantern and a stone bridge, and a stone tower.
Moreover, it is said that the vessel might be made.
Although the second half cannot be read, it can read saying “A potato is boiled softly.”
A Chinese character was not found although wall coating was written with “Usya.”
It is also called as good “Ujin ” and “泥工 (Dorokou)” as a “plasterer”, and “泥匠 (Deisyou).”
With the picture, masonry and a plasterer have gained the tool, and all look being the same as that of the tool currently used in the present age.
It could be said that it is the so much outstanding tool.

The wrestler is drawn on the left.
“相撲使 (Kotoridukahi)” is those who scout for a wrestler.
it is said that two persons, “乃見宿ね” (“Nomi no Sukune”) and “蹶速 (it seems that Kuesya: “當麻蹶速” is written)”, began “sumou” for the beginning
It is said that the thing of sumo was also called “角觝 (Kskutei).”
Neither reading nor a Chinese character understood another.
Signs that sumo is taken are drawn with the picture.



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