The carpenter and the merchant are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 5

The carpenter is drawn on the right.
“工 (Kou)” is written to be an everything thing worker to the text, and is said to it also as an “artisan” as a general term.
“woodwork” is called “carpenter” ,”painting” is called “lacquerer”, although divided, it is said that other “指物 (it smells [ which it puts and puts into accessories and crevices, such as thing: “ornamental hairpin”, ])” and “Himono-zaiku (a string’s work: workmanship which bends boards, such as a hinoki and a Japan cedar, and builds a vessel)”, “textiles”, “hardware work”, etc. are collectively called “工 (Kou)”, and it is also called a “craftsman”
There is a figure of the carpenter who covers a “plane” which a shrine carpenter uses in a picture.

The merchant is drawn on the left.
It is said that there are the people and the seller who buy it in trade, and the thing of those who buy it is called “quotient.”
“Shou” which writes the “mouth” of a quotient to be “old” is written to be those who sold and buy.
Moreover, it is said that “販 (Hisasi)” is selling.
The shop dealing in fabrics for komono is drawn on the picture, and those who sell marine products and walk are in the salesclerk and visitor who are flipping the abacus in inside, and outside.



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