The title written to the illustration is "仲光(nakamitu) It is loyal Fig. ".

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 3

The illustration of the talk of “爾時無尽意菩薩即従座起(nijimujinni-bosatu-jyuzaki)” is drawn.
The title written to the illustration is “仲光(nakamitu) It is loyal Fig. “.
The free translation of the portion of an illustration is as follows.

“The reason at the time of 美女丸 (bijyomaru : at the child of 源満仲(minamoto-no-Mitsunaka), he is a rowdy) reforming itself.
The child of Imperial Prince Sadazumi, Emperor Seiwa’s sixth Imperial prince, was called 六孫王経 (源経基:minamoto-no-tunemoto), and the legitimate son is 左馬権頭満仲公 (sama-no-gon-no-kasira-mitunaka-kou):next Minamoto-no-Mitsunaka), and was in 摂州(settusyuu) Tada’s castle.
At this time, he declared himselves the Tada-no-Manjyu-kou .
This Mitsunaka had four children.
He is 満茂(mitusige) about the first child.
It is 頼光(raikou) about the second child.
It is 頼親(yoritika) about the third child.
The fourth child is called Bijyomaru.
Mitsunaka believed in the Goddess of Mercy deeply, he tried to make one Nakano of four children forsake the world, and tried to make the Goddess of Mercy served.
The youngest child’s Bijyomaru will be deposited with 善観和尚(zenkan-osyou) of Nakayama-dera of Settsyuu.
However, a beauty circle dislikes an ordination into priesthood, and does not study Buddhism, but only serves it freely willfully.
Hiroshi Mitsunaka’s anger will be touched on at last, and Fujiwara Nakamitu, a subject, will be ordered “To take the head of Bijyomaru.”
Although Nakamitu advised repeatedly, refusal leaves without the ability to do.
However, it was unbearable to have shot the Lord, and after worrying, it eliminated the head for the Koujyumaru which is its child as a substitute of a beauty circle.
Depending for Eshin Sozu’s secretly simultaneously, bijyomaru reformed itself and became Eshin Sozu’s pupil.
Behind, it became a famous priest. ”

It was the heavy talk with which parental affection and conscience became it entangled that it was loyal.
There is help of some that a rowdy finally reforms himself.
It is a sad talk which worries about an extreme command of the Lord and applies an important person to a hand.
The situation of the illustration was a figure of the parents who cut off their child’s head …




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