The court noble, the samurai, and the university graduate are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui /4 /Person /2

“The court noble (Kugyou)” is drawn on the right.
It is described in the text that Dainagon, Chyuunagon, and the third more than place are called court noble.
Moreover, it is also called “月卿 (Gekkei).”
It is said that it is the way of calling which receives 天子 (Tenshi).
In addition, it is said that the third less than place calls it 殿上人(Tenjyoubito).
Although the full court dress is worn to the Imperial Court and agitation, the fourth more than place, black and the fifth place are red and the color of dress of the sixth place is blue.

“士 (samurai)” is drawn on the left.
Here, seemingly a university graduate, a civil servant, etc. will call it “Samurai”, and call a military officer a “Samurai.”
The text is also describing the status of the four social classes: worriors, farmers, craftsmen, and merchants for a few.
With the picture, the bow and the sword are drawn on the back and the book has set in the lower right.
If a person’s spatial relationship is reflected, the back may be a university graduate for a samurai.



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