The "Tekkai-sennin" and the "waterfall" are drawn.

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The “鉄枴仙人(Tekkaisennin)” and the “waterfall” are drawn.
with “aTekkaisennin”, it seems to be a typical Chinese hermit’s thing of one person “李鉄枴(Ri Tekkai).”
It has come out also in 鉄枴(Tekkai) of a comic story, and if 鉄枴(Tekkai) makes the other self on its breath in the talk, it is.
Probably, this picture will be just infallible in one scene of 鉄枴(Tekkai) of a comic story.
The “waterfall” is drawing the waterfall which is coming down from the very high place.
Two in character with the parent and child who came firewood to search somehow are looking up at the waterfall, and the magnificence is felt.
Parent and child’s bonds also look simultaneous.


Only monochrome jpg and ai vector data.

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