The hunter and the biwa minstrel are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 18

The hunter is drawn on the right.
A hunter takes a bird and a beast using a bow or a gun.
It seems that it became most translations since the text could not be read in part, but the hunter was needed since the beast had damaged many fields from ancient times.
It is said that it is called “漁猟 (Gyoryou)” since it comes out to the sea and a fish is caught in order for shooting not to work in winter.
The hunter who established the gun in the picture is drawn and there are two deer in the right back.

The biwa minstrel is drawn on the left.
“瞽者(Kosya)” is those who cannot see, and it is written as “blindness” and a “blind person” into the sentence.
Moreover, it is said that there were those who are called a biwa minstrel, a biwa is played and Heike’s thing was told a long time ago.
then, it is said that koto and “三線(Sansin)” were treated, and it was also called “座頭(Zatou)”
Although the last portion was not able to be read, the character “検枝勾富四分” can be seen.
With the picture, the biwa minstrel who performs a biwa at a moonlight night is drawn.



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