Book title: Settsu-meisyo-zue (23 items)

About the Settsu-meisyo-zue

The Settsu-meisyo-zue is a book that introduction introduces the tourist attractions of region of Osaka of Japan in the Edo period(1600-1868),

This book, published 1796-1799, are composed of Woodblock Prints and text.It exists 9 books in total, but just 8 Volume I is in possession.

The contents of the 8 volumes is, it is the Settsu in Japan.The Settsu, the region from the current Osaka to Hyogo.

In this book, around the history and anecdotes are written.Fields and mountains and the sea, such as the temple is depicted(famous-place).Historic sites related to Genpei battle(famous battle in Japan) is also drawn.