The craftsman of weaving, making an arrow, making a bow, and making armor is drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 12

The woman of weaving is drawn on the right.
it is said that the woman of two sulfur is the origin as “呉服(Kureha)”and”綾織(Kureshi)” in which “the set woman (きじょ)” came from “Morokoshi(Tang)”.
It is said that the upper opportunity of a weave machine weaves various textiles, and a lower opportunity weaves cloth, cotton, etc.

The craftsman of bow and arrows and making armor is drawn on the left.
“矢人(Yajin)” is craftsmen who make an arrow.
It is said that the person “牟夷 (Boui)” which was in Tang, or the person “floating” made the arrow.
It seems that “It begins in Japan at the age of the gods” is written although he thinks that it is probably a thing in Japan.
“弓人(Kyuujin)” it is called “弓削師(Yugeshi)”.
Even if a bow starts from “庖犠氏 (Hougishi)”, it is said to start from “堯舜 (Gyousyun)” of “黄帝(Koutei)”, and is.
The bow as well as an arrow is said in Japan to begin at the age of the gods.
“凾人(Kanjin)” is craftsmen who make armor.
It seems that it originates in “玄女 (Genjyo)” which gave Huang-ti the plan although it cannot read well.
It is said that it starts from the age of the gods in the mist here beam and Japan.



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