the Buddha Ryoujyusen preaching

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 2

It is a talk of the beginning of the Kannonkyouwakunzue first volume, and a title is “Myouhouorengekyou-kanzeonbosatu-fumonbon-No25”, and It is an illustration relevant to this whole book.
Since it is likely to continue for several pages if all are translated, only the portion about an illustration is translated.
In addition, the title of a picture is “the Buddha Ryoujyusen preaching.”
Then, the following is free translation.

“It arrived to soul 霊鷲山 (ryoujyusen) of 天竺(tenjiku) at a certain time.
Shaka Nyorai sits down and devises the Lotus Sutra then exactly.
then, 穆王 (bokuou) which is a circumferential king fortunately was also able to become a 会座 (eza: audience of a preaching).
It apprehended that Shakais Bokuou could seldom understand 梵字 (tenjiku-kotoba), and explained and told 普門品 (fumonbon).
it hands down that it is the Chinese word Buddha explained this directly to be, and Fumonbon is also called 周穆王経 (shyu-no-bokuou-kyou). ”

観音経和訓図会上巻の最初のお話であり、題名は「妙法蓮華経観世音菩薩普門品第二十五」で、この本の全体に関連する挿絵です。全て訳すと数ページにわたりそうですので、挿絵に関する部分のみ訳します。なお、絵の題名は「如来 霊鷲山御説法」です。では以下が意訳です。


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