The title of an illustration is "Ichigyou-housi" It is worshipping "Ku-you-sei".

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Lower volume/ 1

It is an illustration about description of the portion “是観世音菩薩摩訶薩於怖畏急難之中能施無畏(Zekanzeonbosatumakasa-ofuikyuunansityuu-nousemui).”
The title of an illustration is “一行法師(Ichigyou-housi) It is worshipping 九曜星(Ku-you-sei).”

The free translation of an illustration portion is as follows.

The Ichigyou-housi of Tang is a person variegated at erudition.
It excels also in morality.
Since the 玄宗(Gensou) emperor was always inviting Ichigyou-housi to the Imperial Court, other priests were jealous.
The lie that Yang-Kuei-fei and Ichigyou-housi are doing the extramarital affair finally is inspired in a Gensou emperor.
An emperor believes this language and banishes Hoshi from anger to a place called 果羅国 (Kaurakoku).
The way which extends from a capital to this stone tablet inscribed with a haiku of this is three.
one is 輪地道(Rinchidou).”
The way where a government official goes back and forth.
two is 幽地道(Yuuchidou) is told and to which a traveler and prize people go.
Three are a way which will not stab with the light of the moon between the 7 night on the bad way which is called 暗穴道(Anketudou), and where a sinner progresses on the seventh.
since Hoshi was made into the sinner who committed the major offense Anketudou it is carried out.
Thereby, Ichigyou-housi will be able to shift the blame of innocence without a memory to the body. ”

“Although he follows only one-person Anketudou, it will go into woods and will waver on a mountain path.
As for there being no people but it being audible, even if it asks and cooks a way, only the voice of a monkey and the sound of a bird are.
Although party Hoshi also became lonely truly, since it had been believing in the Goddess of Mercy for some time, 普門品 (Fumonbon) was read out despite the walk.
Then, to a wonderful thing, the 九曜星(Kuyousei) appears in a dark sky, and it began to shine red in it.
A dark way also looks bright like daytime.
Ichigyou-housi was encouraged, and when this was also the power of the Goddess of Mercy, he believed in more thickly. ”

Though regrettable, the state of the original is bad and Ichigyou-housi’s head is disappearing.

「是観世音菩薩摩訶薩於怖畏急難之中能施無畏」という部分の解説に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「一行法師 九曜星を拝す」です。





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