"Ritaihaku" and "Shiro" are drawn.

Hokusai-enshiki/ 25

“李太白(Ritaihaku)” and “子路(Shiro)” are drawn.
It may be more intelligible for “李太白(Ri-Taihaku)” to call it 李白(Rihaku).
By the poet of the Chinese Tang cost, it is called 詩仙李白 on a par with 詩聖杜甫.
With the picture, the side was sake bottle used, the kimono is put on it, and it is an impression like a wind.
Moreover, signs that the air is gazed at feel the breath of creation also for calm inside also so that they may be absorbed in meditation.
“子路(Siro)” is a scholar of the China years age and was studying under Confucius.
It may have appeared also into Confucius’s Analects and may be familiar also in Japan.
According to “群書類従”, there is an anecdote of having carried rice on the back to the supporting-parents sake, and having gone the way of 100 villages back and forth to it.
With a picture, it seems that it is expressed.


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