The vigil of the Edo period

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Second volume/ 5

It is an illustration used as a continuation of Kannonkyouwakunzue/ Second volume/ 4.
Please look at what kind of scene or your place.

Since the description of an illustration itself has been altogether written by 4 of the second volume, it writes about the sutra related to this illustration here.

The following serves as description described in the text.

“佛言 means that the Buddha said” like this sutra shows which is a speaker for one scene of a dialog with an unlimited mind bodhisattva and the Goddess of Mercy.

“In 若復有人受持観世音菩薩名号, it is meant as if a certain person withers in the name of the Goddess of Mercy.”

“In 乃至一時禮拝供養,It is meant as once it carries out mass for the dead and worship.
乃至 means that there are profits equally until it means as the bottom from a top and reaches the world of the Buddha here.

“In 是二人福正等無異,This divine favor of two persons means being equal.
In these two persons, those who a life restricts the bodhisattva of 6,200 million and hold a memorial service for him, and those who worship the Goddess of Mercy once [ only ] are pointed out.
This is referred to as “多少格量.”
The meaning of dividing equally to “格量.”
the bodhisattva of 6,200 million needs to worship with “many”.
worship the Goddess of Mercy once with “few”.”
Even if there are such differences, the divine favor is equal. ”

“In 於百千萬億劫不可窮盡,It is meant as a limitation with the world.”









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