The title of an illustration is "A cunning woman. It becomes a demon's woman, living."

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 11

It is an illustration about the very long portion “若有衆生多於淫欲常念恭敬観世音菩薩便得離欲若多瞋恚常念恭敬観世音菩薩便得離瞋若多愚痴常念恭敬観世音菩薩便得離痴”.
In addition, since it divided into two on account of the layout, please have a look the second half also.

The title of an illustration is “A cunning woman. It becomes a demon’s woman, living.”
That right half is this illustration.
With the illustration, the man who is dancing happily or has struck the drum is drawn.
However, the text of this portion did not clarify.
Then, it is being tried freely to translate easy description of a sutra.
The contents are about “Three Poison” and the “Acolasia.”

“This stage is the contents that Three Poisons is removed by the power of the Kannon.
Since man’s good heart is barred and is made to ruin oneself, it is called poison.
As a meaning of a character, poison is damage and a bruise.
However, Three Poisons has the two meanings “Three Poisons of a simple substance”, and “two or more Three Poisons.”
“Poison of a simple substance” refers to three things, “貧 (ton: avaricious heart)”, “瞋 (jin: heart of anger)”, and “癡 (ti: ignorance).”
“Two or more poison” refers to the “acolasia”, “anger”, and a “grumble.”
By respecting and praying for the Goddess of Mercy firmly in the heart, it is opened wide from the acolasia. ”

“The acolasia means that the heart is caught by the love to a woman to the extent that it gets lost in a female charm, he forgets Tadataka’s way and trade is lost.
A woman also says communicating secretly to other men to a man being made while parents do not allow, or a husband being as the acolasia.
moreover, it is also called 邪婬 (Jyain).
Parents are opposed by the world, a friend and relation are severed, a job is lost finally, and the body is ruined.
Painful time to die and follow infernal infinity will be spent forever.
This is also doing of Rasetu or Yasya therefore caused unbelievingly. ”


挿絵のタイトルは「奸婦 生きながら鬼女となる」です。その右半分がこの挿絵です。挿絵では楽しそうに踊っていたり、太鼓を叩いたりしている男性が描かれています。しかし、この部分の本文がはっきりしませんでした。そこで、経文の簡単な解説を意訳していみます。内容は「三毒」と「淫欲」についてです。



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