Vector Terms of Use

The contents of the distribution material

The following two points were summarized to zip and it has distributed as a royalty free material.

  • ai (vector form) file of the monochrome which carried out live trace of the jpg which scanned and carried out trimming of the old book by Illustrator
  • The monochrome jpg picture which wrote out the above-mentioned ai file by jpg.

A color jpg picture is arranged in the upper part, and the monochrome jpg picture is arranged to the left lower quadrant at individual page.

Composition of a site

Since the TOP page is made all the affair displays, please use a TOP page to see a picture and a material by list.

The category by original classification is displayed on left-hand side navigation.
Moreover, a list of a tag will be displayed if you click “a tag list list.”

Please use a search box, when a specific picture and material are being looked for.
In addition, a required material may be found when you can try a hiragana, katakana, etc.

Although distributed considering a picture and vector data as a free material with good business at this site, please read the notes about use of the following free material at any cost in the case of use.

Notes on use

Is not a “free” copyright data on this site. Thank compliance with usage listed below.

Available range

  • Material available as free.
  • It is available for both commercial / personal.
  • You do not need notation of credit.(It will become encouragement if you indicate.)
  • It is OK to trim the place you like, change the hue, as well as put a texture.

In some cases, you will be limited.Uneasy you please contact us.

Prohibited use

  • Prohibited to use for damage to third parties and adult sites and crime.
  • Prohibited that to redistribute or to resell as material.
  • Prohibited to use reminiscent to others as “self-made”.
  • Prohibited direct link to the data.
  • Prohibit the act that I judged to prohibit.

If your questions difficult to understand, please. In addition, please refer to the following specific examples.

Examples of use

Cases available

  • Image use in the blog post.
  • used to decorate the flyers and DM use at the shop.
  • Use as a material for Production.

Examples of prohibited use

  • Prohibit to record this site data to CD-ROM, and to sell.
  • Prohibits to collect data on this site, and distribute it as free material in their own sites.