Vector Processing Example – Landscape

The example of processing of a vector data material.

The picture of the woman of an itinerant trade is used as a material this time. Although it is easy, I introduce the example of processing of the vector data material currently prepared at this site.

In addition, since this vector data is data of ai form created using Illustrator CS5 of Adobe, if it is Illustrator, it should be opened satisfactorily.

Vector data is opened and an unnecessary portion is deleted.

First of all, vector data is opened by Illustrator.
Then, an unnecessary portion is removed.
Cutoff of the direction erased with an eraser in that case depending on a material although carving is difficult may be early possible.
Moreover, please automate mostly, and therefore changing into vector data itself is in the state where fine tuning is added there, understand fundamentally the point that the edge of a vector is coarse.

The illustration of the woman of the Edo period


It colors by Illustrator.
For semiautomatic vector-izing, technology, such as group release, is needed.
Probably, it will be easy if it is those who use ai data by Illustrator from usually.

It is colored the illustration of the woman of the Edo period.

A texture is compounded.

As an example, in order to make oldness production, a texture is piled up.
The texture of used paper is used this time.

A texture is put on the illustration of the woman of the Edo period.

It is about 20 minutes so far.
Although work difficulty and time change by the material to be used, if it gets used, it will be able to do quickly.

Foundations are satisfactory in the monochrome state.

The easiest usage of the vector material of this site is the method of putting on a texture with monochrome, without coloring.
If it is this, it will complete immediately.
First of all, since the charm of monochrome is strong, the taste which does not need to add a hand should come out.

Please try.