The woman diver, the angler, and the woodcutter are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 17

The woman diver is drawn on the right.
A “woman diver” refers to those who enter all over the sea and take an abalone, a shellfish, and sea tangle.
It was considered as the female occupation.
This point does not change even now.
With the picture, signs that the man who rode on the ship, and a child receive the abalone which the woman diver has taken are drawn.

The angler and the woodcutter are drawn on the left.
“釣叟 (Chousou)” is those who do fishing and catch a fish, and has mentioned “the fisherman (Taikoubou)” and the name of “厳子陵 (Gensiryou).”
It is said that there was fishing from the time of a myth in Japan.
As “雑夫 (Zoufu)” was collecting firewood etc., probably it is considered to be people by subordinate work and odd jobs.
a hill bandit “Somahito” and seems to be a woodcutter somehow.



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