A farmer, a rice field, and a cow,Agriculture

Onna-daigaku /1

A cow, a farmer, and mother and child are drawn.
It is an illustration in the right half of “Onnadaigaku 2

It is written to the text that the farmer was supporting people.
Moreover, although it is easy, it is written also about the cultivation method of a rice.

With the illustration, those who plant unhulled rice are drawn on the upper part.
In the middle, 犂 (suki:a traction plow) was attached behind the big cow, and the rice field is cultivated. It is called 牛耕農法( agricultural technique of the plowing by cow )which exists from ancient times, and the strength of a cow is used.
Ancient times to a cow is the important animal taken in by the life of man.

The duck is drawn on the lower berth.
Possibly it may be a duck agricultural technique.
Signs that it is groomed are also drawn and there is prettiness.
Moreover, the wife and child who came lunch to the report are also drawn by the husband who probably works in the fields.
Signs that the load is put on the head are how to carry the load which was common also in what country.





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