The woman and livestock processor who sell Maki with those who make earthenware are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 24

The woman who sells Maki with those who make earthenware is drawn on the right.
the thing of those who make earthenware “土器師 (Karawakesi)” it calls.
it is said that “earthenware” is famous for per FUkakusa of the Kitayama field in Nishiyama Saga in Kyoto
It seems that it is written that “庭訓往来 (Teikin-ourai: textbook used in a school for commoners)” is also prosperous in Saga.

“黒木女 (Kurogime)” of Ohara in Kyoto is also called “女黒木 (Onna-kurogi)” of Kitayama Ohara of Kyoto, and points out the woman who does business by coming out in Kyoto.
This trade is dealing in Kurogi (a thing like Maki which steamed green wood).
although the wife of 平維盛 (Taira-no-koremori), the country in Awa, Heike’s extinction back, etc. are written, the text cannot be translated well in the second half of the text.
In most touch, I think whether to be “the 建春門院新大納言 of the wife of Koremori sold firewood, and lived.”

Those who kill livestock etc. in the left and get meat etc. are drawn.
Although it became a processor of a cook or livestock professionally, the treatment of of those days was an object of discrimination.
Therefore, it is written as “穢多”, “屠児”, etc.
This is considered to be the body recognized “It is the unclean act to kill a living thing” by religion and ideas on morals of Japan.
however — the leather goods of an animal exist from ancient times far — that time — not being general — carry out — since it seems that there was also a carnivorous custom, it is sensuous.
Therefore, at this site, it has published not as the object of discrimination but as one occupation “processor of livestock.”
However, since this portion is not not much likely to be used as a material, distribution has not been carried out.
Please understand the situation beforehand.




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