Those who carry a load on a horse with a wholesale store and a driver, and the doctor of the horse are drawn.

Kashiragaki-zouho-kinmou-zui/ 4/ Person/ 23

The driver and the wholesale store are drawn on the right.
“車借 (Kuruma-kasi/Sya-syaku)” was “vehicle usage”, it was written to “庭訓往来 (Teikin-ourai: textbook used in a school for commoners)” as “Sya-syaku of Toba and Shirakawa”, and only some areas (probably capitals, such as Kyoto) seemed to be spheres of business.
It is said that it was also called to others “the vehicle usage of 天子 (Tensi : Emperor)”, a “driver”, “徒御 (Kuruma-zoe)”, and “Toneri.”

A wholesaler” is a “wholesale store.”
It seems that it is a thing of a hotel which asks the market price of dealing every day, therefore is called a wholesale store.
Moreover, it is said that “駕輿 (Kago)” was used abundantly when a wholesale store moved.

“伯楽 (Hakuraku)” is a doctor who cures the illness of a horse.
It is said that it was written to “庭訓往来 (Teikin-ourai)” as “Muromachi’s Hakuraku.”





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