"The company in Nagata" and "Myousen-ji" are drawn.

Settsu-meisyo-zue/Yatabe County/Last 2

“The company in Nagata” and “明泉寺(Myousenji)” are drawn.
There is a Nagata shrine in the center of a spread, and, to the front, a river and a private house can be seen.
There is a mountain in the upper left and Myousenji can be seen in it.
It turns out that people were able to be mostly managed at the time of the Edo period around the Nagata shrine.
Although it is hard to see by this picture, a lanyard is made the tree of the pine of an entrance, and many things can be seen if it sees finely, carrying out like torii or “Jinseki” being located on the central left.


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