The "Suma temple" surrounded by the mountain is drawn.

Settsu-meisyo-zue/Yatabe County/Last 15

The “Suma temple” surrounded by the mountain is drawn.
The mountain surrounding the circumference is drawn at the thick point, and seems to use a certain amount of linear perspective (a near place is thick and a distant place is thinly).
There are various portions from central Hidari’s “goddess of eloquence, music, and wisdom” to “Sanno”, “Hondo”, and “Taishi-do” of the right back.
The way following Hondo is straight and its traffic of people, such as Coolie, a samurai, parent and child with its child, can be seen.
Although a house of how many is visible to the side of a way, compared with a village, it looks wonderfully.
Possibly, they may be a souvenir shop or a leading parishioner.
Although it has the calm impression surrounded by the mountain which clouds veil, people figure feels every day and is last interesting picture.

It is on the left-hand side of collaboration following the lower volume No. 16 of the Settsu famous-place picture collection.



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