Toujyuurou It is rescued from a death by drowning by the Kannon

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ Lower volume/ 3

It is an illustration about description of the portion “能滅諸有苦(noumetusyoyuuku).”
The title of an illustration is “藤十郎(Toujyuurou) It is rescued from a death by drowning by the Kannon.”

The following is the free translation of an illustration portion.

“Those who is called 佐原藤十郎(Sahara Toujyuurou) were in Echizen a long time ago.
It is made young, parents are lost through death, household effects are sold, money is earned, and it tries to go to a capital.
When it arrived to the village in Shiga in Koshu, it was already dark.
If the hotel is looked for, it will be surrounded by thieves, and money and clothes will be stolen.
It has thrown itself into the lake at too much deplorableness.
Toujyuurou who dies underwater and is passed. ”

“The night.
The fisherman saw something have shone underwater.
It is very heavy, when it suspects and the net of the neighborhood is drawn near.
If it pulls up somehow, the body of what and a person will have gone up.
Although it tried to drop on the sea with surprise, he notices that the neighborhood of a breast has shone.
When checked in starlight, it was the bag of the charm which was able to be written from the head of the body.
When it was wax in the bag, what and a body puffed the breath and recited the name of Kanzeon.
A fisherman is surprised again and questions those who fetched their breath. ”

“Toujyuurou who revived bore his name and he explained the circumstances until it throws itself into a lake.
And it is said in water that it was in the state half asleep.
There, he was walking along the dark way.
Then, the voice which calls a name from back can be heard.
If it turns round, the priest who seems to be virtuous will approach.
In order for the priest to have said, you aimed at suicide also with the parent misfortune, with the borrowed money borrowed.
If it is original, it should fall to hell, but since there is divine favor by parents’ faith, I will help.
Reform yourself and embrace Buddhism henceforth.
A memorial service for parents is performed and a deed good for people is recommended.
Toujyuurou heard the priest’s name.
The priest answered that it was the Kannon of a defence bag, emitted light and flew away.
And when he awoke, it was in this ship.
A revival is exactly just the power of Kanzeon. ”

“After that, the fisherman who pitied was accompanied to the house by Toujyuurou, returned, and gave a meal and old clothes.
Toujyuurou appreciated the tender feeling deeply, he stopped capital going, and became a pupil of the chief priest of Chomei-ji.
Practice was repeated, the temple was behind built in the Katada village, and Kanzeon was installed.
A memorial service for parents is performed, Buddhism is spread to people, and this world is left at the age of 85.
This is the mercy of the Goddess of Mercy truly.”

「能滅諸有苦」という部分の解説に関する挿絵です。挿絵のタイトルは「藤十郎 観音の功利によって水死を助ける」です。






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