The front of a gate of the "Suma temple" is drawn.

Settsu-meisyo-zue/Yatabe County/Last 16

The front of a gate of the “Suma temple” is drawn.
Although there is a place called a “lower horse” to the lower part, this is a place for expressing respect to temples and shrines etc. and getting off a horse to them.
Is it? do I hear that you must be in order to progress ahead of a lower horse?
It seems that there is seemingly a place which ties a horse to the hit of an inner gate, and it was ready also as equipment.
Although there is also a flow on composition and the upper part is vacant entirely, this blank has made space and time and it has affected the quality of the whole picture.

It is the left end of the collaboration which continues from No. 15 of the lower volume of the Settsu famous-place picture collection.
Although it is a portion, the highway of the Edo period is drawn and it has become customs data.



Only monochrome jpg and ai vector data.

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